Role Of Data Science In Post Crisis World You Should Know

Role Of Data Science In Post Crisis World
Data science is a field that uses scientific methods, techniques, and systems to find knowledge and information from unorganized data. First, we need to understand data science completely but before I begin let me give you an example. When you are bored at home and you feel like watching a TV show or movie then you get on Netflix, you scroll through all the TV shows, movies, and series that are available and then you see Breaking Bad in recommendations. It is because that you have watched something like this earlier. There is no denying that we all enjoy watching shows on Netflix but do you even realize how much data science is used along with Netflix or YouTube. Because it analyzes user’s behavior from hundreds of TV shows and movies to make the best recommendations for you and everyone watching around the globe. They measure and analyze user’s engagement and retention on various shows.

Studies by dissertation writing services show that currently, they are applying advanced methods or techniques that include the pause, rewind, and fast forward, that is when you see something cool and you want to watch it again. When you watch any content, some-days you feel like watching comedy shows and another day you want to watch crime thrillers and so on. It also includes when and why you leave the content when you stop watching it, why did you stop? What time that was? What time did you watch which content? Because we know different age groups have different time patterns. For example, children will watch their favorite movies or cartoons after school, while some adults will watch it at night after work, some will watch after office hours in the evening. So it analyzes the searches, what time is it done, and from which place or location it is being done and which device is being used?

Data science has been playing a crucial role in the fight against coronavirus. Governments around the globe are using data science to measure the factors related to the ongoing pandemic. This is not a very well established field. We have faced our due share of troubles and challenges while working with it. There will be a huge shift in how we see and use data science after all this is over. Let us tell you a few things about the role of data science in the post-crisis world:

Development In Analytics Flow:
We have now understood that data science is helping us with tackling the coronavirus. Now governing bodies are using data science to make policies effectively in these uncertain times. The virus outbreak that occurred in China last year has now developed into a pandemic. Every country is facing the outcomes of it now. Most of the countries neglected it at the start so they did not keep any record. By the time this was declared a pandemic by WHO it had already shown its effects. This virus is so contagious that cases are rapidly surging. Now governments have started tracking the cases and keeping records. The information is now starting to flow from all over the world. Governments are tracking cases by using data science. The countries that do not have electronic data are facing huge trouble. Now every country is working on it. So, we can say that in the future we will be dealing with our problems using data science in every field. It has now become inevitable to develop systems that operate on data science. 

Role In Healthcare Sector:
Data science was making progress in every field even before this ongoing pandemic. It was developing in fields like economy or finance etc. But now data science has become an integral part of the healthcare sector. It is now widely used for keeping records of people affected or recovered from the virus. Because in many parts of the world, mainly in underdeveloped countries it was considered that the records of the patients will be misemployed. This notion is slowly clearing up. Today, we are using data science to respond to the crisis. It is now evident that data science can solve our major problems in the medical sector. It can help in protecting the patients. It is also used for the development of medicines and equipment that can save many lives. There were many fears and concerns in using data science in the past. But now we can say that data science has a bright future in the post-crisis world.

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