Top 3 Issues That The Students of Today Are More Concerned About

Nature has conducted a survey of almost 3600 PhD students. The results of this survey show that most of the students are soughing help for anxiety and depression. 39% of the people who are not able to get help for depression and anxiety have to face severe depression issues. There are many causes of this depression. There are some institutions where mental health support is available for the students. The PhD students should try to avail this support. Here, we will discuss the top three issues that the students of today are more concerned about.

1) Bullying

Bullying is the most important issue that most of the students are facing. Bullying is unwanted and aggressive behaviour of the students that they have to perceive due to power imbalance. The bullies try to repeat their behaviour. As a result of bullying, the bullied students always feel insecure in school and they have to face lots of mental health issues. The students have to face different kinds of bullying at their schools and colleges. The first type is known as verbal bullying. Verbal bullying means that bullies are teasing the bullied students by calling their names, by exchanging some inappropriate sexual comments and by threatening to cause harm to the students. The second type is known as social bullying. Social bullying is also known as relational bullying for the students. With the help of social bullying, the bullies are trying to hurt the reputation or relationship of someone by asking other students not to become his/her friends, by spreading rumours about him and by embarrassing him/her at the public place. The third kind of bullying is known as physical bullying. Physical bullying means that bullies try to hurt someone’s body or processions. With the help of physical bullying, the bullies try to hit the victims, they try to push them and they also try to spit with the bullied. Bullying can happen at the school as well as out of the school. Mostly, it is observed that most of the events of bullying occur within the school building. 

2) Career paths and preparation

After getting the degrees, the students have to avail the best job opportunities. There are lots of students who are worried about their career paths. Its reason is that most of the students don’t know about their career paths. There are also some students who have some doubts that either they will be able to avail the best job opportunities after completing their degrees or not. Along with career paths, there are also some students who are worried about the preparation of their exams. Its reason is that they don’t know how to complete the course before exams, they have to face the fear of failure, they have to face problems of current obligations and they are not able to manage their time for studies, academic writing tasks and socializing. As a result, they always live in constant feelings of depression and anxiety. Due to this kind of severe feelings of depression and anxiety, they are not able to perform well in the exams. In order to get rid of these kinds of problems, first of all, students should try to select the best career path by consulting with experts. Secondly, they should try to prepare for the exams by preparing and following a strict timetable. 

3) Work-life balance

It is a fact that there are lots of responsibilities of the students like they have to attend classes on time and regularly, they have to prepare for the classes with all necessary supplies, they have to complete all the academic tasks before the deadline, they have to organize their time for studies and other academic tasks, they have to read on the daily basis and they have to spend some extra time on studies if they want to get the best position in the class. Due to these responsibilities, most of the students face lots of problems to create a balance between work and life. Its reason is that if they try to create a balance between work and life, they have to face some serious issues like their productivity level will be decreased, they are not able to manage their academic tasks, they will get lower grades and they have to face lots of stress and depression on their minds. The only way to create a balance between work and life is to manage your time. For this reason, students should try to allocate specific time for all the academic tasks and try to complete these tasks by following this timetable. As a result, they will be able to save some time for socializing. 

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