7 Negative Phrases That Can Make Your Academic Success Difficult To Achieve

Academic Success
Academic success of an individual depends on different factors. Such factors include attitude, selection of phase and delivery of words. Teachers in a classroom and outside the class usually observe these things. A student with a positive attitude and appropriate words' selection is successful in academic tasks. In contrast, students with negative attitudes and phrases are not efficient to meet teachers' expectations. Thus, it is vital to use a positive phrase instead of a negative and wordy sentence. Formal communication and writing style in assignments depicts in-depth knowledge. It makes it easy for teachers to understand and help students in getting academic success with a high grade.

The use of negative phrases like 'I cannot do this and 'it's not my strength' evokes a sense of incompetency. So, use of positive formal and positive phrases reduces issues of negativity. In this way, students must consider and plan academic success with the appropriate use of formal phrases. Hire best assignment writing services UK to reduce overemphasis on negative phrases and use formal language in developing reports, assignments and essays for academic success. This article provides the ways to reduce harmful phase usage in acidic success and seven more important negative phrases.

Impact of Negative Phrases on Academic Success

While students use negative phrases, informal sentences, and incomplete information in academic reports, they will lower grades which is a negative consequence of overemphasis on negative phrases. It develops a sense of less competency and affects the structure of reports. Teachers face difficulties in understanding negative phrases and incomplete sentences. It will affect teachers understanding of students, which results in low marks.

Students should keep in mind to remain within academic boundaries and behave like good students by showing interest in studies. When students use I can, I will instead of it's not my job, and I cannot do this, then it develops a positive impact of students on teachers. It will help them in high grades and academic success. Following are seven critical negative phrases and contractions that are affecting academic success.

Use of Contraction

Once students make reports without planning, it will increase the word count. It is a negative thing that affects the academic success of students. Thus, they use contractions including 'would've', 'isn't', 'should've', 'doesn't' and 'can't'. These are negative phrases that show negativity in written tasks and verbal communication. Teachers do not like this practice, and it has a significant impact on academic success of a student. Reduce the use of these contractions and include some positive words with complete information and formal sentence structure.

That Was Not Fair

When students in the classroom use this phrase in front of teachers on any feedback, it considered challenging the teacher's ability to test. This is a very negative and vague thing that affect academic success. Thus, students should agree with the conceptual framework of teacher and communicate objections in a positive way. Like it is my fault, and I will not repeat this again in the future. This phrase shows some respect and formal communication. It will help in developing a positive impact in front of teachers.

A Couple Of/ A Lot Of

Students use this phrase in reporting some ideas and relating findings in assignments. It is not a formal phrase and develops a sense of informal writing. It resulted in low grades and considered a bad habit. Students can use serval or many as a place of this phrase to make reports formal. It will help to get high grades under influential academic success.

That's Not My Job

This negative phrase shows low confidence and a negative attitude in academic tasks. When students in academic life object to teacher assigning, then it will provide failure to get academic success. This also shows less interest in learning activities which is a bad habit. Students must show interest and use the phrase I will handle instead of this. It will help to achieve academic success in high grades.

The Below Figure Shows

Excessive use of this phrase in academic reports and tasks led to low grades. Students use figures to make assignments more authentic but lack the way to present and explain the figures. It is important to use different formal words and not repeat a single word show again and again in the report. Like use below figure illustrate, prove and reveals. It will help to get high grades and academic success in studies.

May I Able To Do

Academic life is full of challenging tasks. Students should try to resolve these challenges with skills and trust. Always show themselves as energetic and able to face difficulties. It will help and develop a positive attitude to resolve issues. Showing a sense may I able to do is negative, and teachers show less trust in the students who cannot face hardships.

Questions Are Outside The Context

It is another negative phrase used by students in a time of exams where they have no preparation. It is a bad thing and develops a situation of blaming to cheer. In this way, it is crucial to use positive words and convey messages to the instructors. Students can use guide me, and I am not able to pick the concept. It will help a teacher to review questions again resolve the issue. It may help him in recognising that he made it out of context.

Ways to Reduce Use of Negative Phrases in Academic Tasks


It is vital to complete the academic work including research proposals with adequate findings for academic success. For this cause, proofreading is an important activity to review content. It provides a chance to reconsider use of the negative phrases. Alter these sentences with positive words and improve the quality.


Ensure the habit of using positive phrases and quality work in academic reports for academic success. It will help to remain within the guidelines and impress the teacher with good work.

Appropriate Selection of Words

The use of appropriate words in place of informal wording from academic writing is a way to reduce the issues of negative phrases in academic success. The selection of formal words and good vocabulary will help students meet the teacher's attention and get high grades. It will reduce the issues of getting academic success in class.


Academic success is impossible without the effective use of positive phrases. A negative phrase shows less interest and disobedient sense in class. Thus, students should practice positive words and get the teacher attention for success.

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