A Complete Guide to Know How to Write Critical Analysis

The main idea behind writing a critical analysis to evaluate a literary work; it can be a book, an essay or even an movie or a paining in order to help the readers understand what it is all about. It is necessary to know that a critical analysis is a subjective piece of writing as it is written by someone who wants to provide his or her opinion or impressions regarding the literary work.

Analysing a piece of work means that you are breaking it down and studying its parts, what brings them together, what is purpose of this work and how it affects viewers or readers. Writing a critical paper is all about two main steps; critical reading or viewing and critical writing. 

How to critical read or view 

When it comes reading or viewing a piece, you must identify the author’s thesis and purpose. By doing this you will be able to analyze the structure of the passage by identifying all main ideas. If you are not familiar with work and find it tough to read it, you can consult a dictionary or encyclopedia and it will make you know all about the specific terms. 

While you are going through a literary work, you should also make an outline of what you are reading or viewing and write a description or a summary so that you have enough material when you analyze it critically. You should know how you want to address the piece of work, do you want to inform the readers with factual material or persuade them with appeal to reason to emotions or you look forward to entertaining them and appeal to their basic sense of humor. It is necessary to evaluate the means by which the author has accomplished his or her purpose so that you can list all this down once you begin the analysis. 

You need to keep your eyes open and see what is the purpose of the material, has it been presented clearly and holds order and coherence or it simply fails to impress you with its comprehensive approach. You also need to look for evidence, logical reasoning as well as contrary evidence so that you have enough proof to support your critical analysis and the readers agree with what you are saying. You should also pay attention to the organization of the material, the intended audience as well as the writer’s thoughts and ideas so that you can write an effective piece which actually holds interest and appeal for the readers. 

It is also important to consider the condition and situation of the artist or the author so that you can know all about the background and its implications on the piece of work that you are analysing. With the right information and access to the author’s life or background, you have a chance to find out why they have come up with the certain piece and how it affects their life and the lives of readers.

Analysing a text or any other piece of work is not easy because there is so much do and grasp before you can actually begin writing the analysis. You must have your own firm opinion and stick to it so that the readers find your analysis consistent and take your word for what you are saying. 

How to write a critical analysis 

Once you are done with the reading and viewing part, it is time to get to the most important part that is writing of the critical analysis. You can begin drafting the critical analysis by sticking to the outline that is mostly used by students and critics. 

It consists of:

Background information about the piece of work so that the readers understand the nature of the work and can relate to what you are saying

Facts and details about the work such as its title, author, publication or release information as well as the statement of topic and purpose

You also need to provide a thesis statement that indicates your main reaction to the work

A short summary or description of the work

Interpretation and evaluation which includes discussion of the work’s organization, discussion of the style of the work, its effectiveness and the topic treatment as well as its appeal to the particular audience for which it was intended

It is important that you pay attention to both the material that you are analyzing as well as what you are writing to make sure you are on the right track and come up with an intelligent and competent analysis that provides readers the right perspective. 

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