Current Challenges That Education Sector is Facing in the UK

Current Challenges
British universities are without any doubt the best academic institutes all over the world and they have been topping the global rankings and leading innovation in research and technology, making them the most looked after prospects for students. From Cambridge to Oxford, Britain has the most prestigious and popular universities and colleges from where students have obtained knowledge and degrees and helped academic, engineering, technology and medicine fields progress to higher levels.

However, with the passage of time and changing political scenes, there have been many obstacles that the British academic system is trying to fight. There are so many challenges that the education section is facing in the UK and despite all measures and actions to address them, these problems continue to loom and pose a threat to the impressive educational system. This article is written by coursework writing services and discusses some of the current challenges that the education sector is facing these days and how these challenges can affect academic institutes and students in the long run:

One of the biggest challenges that the education sector in the UK is facing days is Brexit. Every man, woman, and youth is most concerned with this problem right now as the situation is still not very clear and people are apprehensively thinking and looking at what will happen now and how things will shape up as the deal closes. The academic sector has a lot at stake as the facility of free access within the European Union had made it easy for students to be a part of the exchange programs but now it is not clear if the students from Britain will still benefit from these programs or not. The academic circles are very apprehensive regarding the loss of social and intellectual benefits these exchange programs offered and this poses serious challenges to the development of the educational sector in the UK.

Deteriorating Reputation:
It is important to understand that the educational sector in the UK faces the biggest challenge of deteriorating reputation. In the global higher education market, things are not very good because people who are working in the UK’s higher education system depart from the country and take their worthy experience and skills with them either because they want to serve their homeland or are getting better job opportunities in other parts of the world and it can create a challenge for the UK colleges and universities to keep up their laurels and credibility.

Increasing Academic Costs:
Higher education is increasing with every passing year; this is due to investment in better staff, infrastructure, and facilities that are provided to the students so that academic institutes can remain afloat in the market. The students do not only look forward to getting a degree in the choice of their discipline but they also seek effective advice about their career choice, proper academic supervision and personal support during their time at the academic institutes and the colleges and universities have to understand this to keep up in the list of most sought-after institutes and all this can lead to increase in financial budgets.

Value For Money:
This is one important aspect the educational sector needs to understand; students have now become smart customers and they want to get the best value for the money they are paying. Constantly increasing educational expenses have made students think if it is even worth attending the college or university or they should seek some other option. This signifies that the academic institutes must display their capability to offer the facilities and technology that students seek and assure them that they are getting the best value for money and this will play a key part in their academic as well as professional development.

The 2018 rankings have exhibited that the UK is losing its placement as the second most represented country in the world with Japan going on the top. Even though Oxford and Cambridge continue to be the top two universities, the UK has moved down.

Global Competition:
Global competition continues to increase and the UK has lost its place in the world rankings with other universities from other parts of the world improving their academic system and offering better degree programs and conditions. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are attracting students with better academic and political prospects which are putting a stiff challenge to the educational sector in the UK. Along with the above-mentioned ones, there are many other challenges that the education sector in the UK continues to face and it is only when the ministry, as well as the institutes, will sit and think together that they will be able to overcome the hurdles and help the students and institutes move in the right direction.

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