Is There Any Different Between USA Essay Writing and UK Essay Writing?

USA Essay Writing
USA and UK are two nations separated by a common language. Naturally, the English language is the native language of the UK’s people. After the British colonization, it was adopted by the USA country. It was introduced in the late 16th century. Due to their trade purpose, British people came to England. Gradually, they started to speak the English language. These days, the English language has become a source of communications. International students are confused about the basic difference between the USA and UK language difference.

Different Between USA Essay Writing and UK Essay Writing:
Words derivation, vocabulary, terms, the figure of speech, spellings, equivalent idioms, full stop, abbreviations, quoting, commas in headings, dates and time numerical expressions, punctuation and compound verb usage are the biggest difference that students should follow in their writing process. Instead of this writing difference, there is no difference between USA Essay writing and UK essay writing. These two countries follow the same structure of the essay. For example, the essay consists of three basic parts introduction, body and conclusion.

If you are writing an essay with help of essay writing services, then you should follow this structure but you have to care about these differences that we will discuss in the next section. Students have to write academic papers to get degrees. Therefore, they don’t consider the difference between USA essay writing and UK essay writing. If you are confused about British and American language difference then we are highlighting the main difference that you should utilize in your writing process.

Collective Nouns Difference:
There is some grammatical difference between the two dialects that you should follow in essay writing. Before discussing the collective nouns differently, I would like to clear the definition of collective nouns. According to the oxford dictionary, “collective nouns are the group of individuals’ words”. American use collective nouns as a singular such as a school, college and staff refer to a group. Another best example by a coursework writer about the collective nouns is the use of singular and plural. British people will call “the students are studying “. And the UK’s students will call” The students are studying”.

Spelling Difference:
Another writing difference between the USA and UK essay English is spellings changed. English was not a standard language in the 18th century. Due to the different dictionaries that were published in this period, it has gained popularity. Although, these two nations have minor spelling difference, yet, it can be a great cause of confusion between the people.
  • British English words are anaemia, diarrhoea, encyclopaedia, colour, behaviour, mould, metre, fibre, and centre.
  • American spellings are meter, fiber, center, color, behavior, mold, anemia, diarrhea, and encyclopedia.

Difference Between Equivalent Idioms:
Idioms are the compounds words that are used to convey and express difficult things in simple meanings. There are a large variety of idioms that are different in the UK and USA languages. If you are writing an essay, you should comprehend this difference to get good grades.

British English Equivalent Idioms
  • Not touch something with a bargepole
  • Sweep under the carpet
  • Skeleton in the cupboard
American English Equivalent Idioms
  • Not touch something with a ten-foot pole
  • Sweep under the rug
  • Skeleton in the closet

Preposition Difference:
Prepositions are some selected words that show the connection and relation of the words with other words. Without following the prepositional words, we cannot translate the exact meaning of our words. Let’s discuss what prepositional differences between the USA and UK languages are.
  • American prepositional usage: I’m going to school at the weekend.
  • British prepositional usage: I’m going to the school on the weekend
Difference Between The Auxiliary Verbs:
An auxiliary verb means helping verbs that play an important function in the grammar. Along with that, this verb has a big difference in different meanings. It provides extra information to the readers. And the usage of these verbs shows that you are following good writing structure.

American English Auxiliary Verbs
  • I shall go market now
  • I shall play math
  • I shall handle this task
British English Auxiliary Verbs
  • I will go to the market
  • I will play math
  • I will gain this task

Vocabulary Difference:
Vocabulary difference is another big difference between USA essay writing and UK essay writing. Having a good vocabulary is essential, because, it maintains quality. Students should adopt different strategies to build their vocabulary. However, using the right words is essential. Your word choices can increase your grades.
  • American English vocabulary: Pants, apartment, hood, trunk
  • British English vocabulary: Trouser, flat, bonnet and book

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