Freshers 2018- How it Feels To Be A Fresher And Some Key Issues

A fresher is a period before the start of an academic year at a university. A variety of events held to orient and welcome new students during this period. It is an introduction to all aspects of university life. Many feelings you can have to be a fresher. Here are some key issues; you can face as a fresher 2018.
You can feel sick and run down on the first day of the university. There will most nights in the university, so push thoughts. The main issue of the students is bringing too much stuff in the university. The best solution is that to bring less stuff in the university. Maybe you will stay in bed forever. However, you should drink plenty of water. The mind will be relaxed.

· If you are an internatioanl student, as a fresher in the university, you will listen hudreds of new words. The struggle is real. A good memory will help you in solving these 100 new words. Fresher 2018 is most important for you.

· The fresher week is your first week living away from home? Students meet many new people this week. There is only one logical response to this problem: drink good Joses, live a little and go nuts. You can peace yourself but just a very little. Make sure you are still able to be in the places you need to be when you need to be there.

· At some point in Fresher’s, a student is allowed a day and time to register for your first-year modules. You will have to roam around various different desks to get things sign. Registration will most likely take place in large games and sports.

· A feeling of disconnected in a large group of people is a key issue of Fresher. A university can feel a bored social experiment and social failure. Finding your tribe will come eventually, so maybe take the time to learn to be your best friend. You should give time yourself for making a friend. You should not worry about the loneliness in the fresher week.

· You cannot know a place by visiting it for a few hours during a busy open day. It is ok to doubt about the choice of university. Fresher’s mostly feel doubt about the choice of the university. This is a very common feeling. Try exploring a new area of the campus with a newfound friend, and give yourself a bit of time to adjust in the university.

· It is ok to be disappointed in the Fresher week. The students feel worried about their future at the university. Future is the most important part of every student.

· Another major issue for the freshers is to face the strange flat mates. If things between your flats mates do not improve, spend time out of halls with other people. Try to solve the clashes between your flats mates.

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